Thursday, October 27, 2011

ConneXions 2011 Ends with a Bang!

NASCENT thanks all those who attended ConneXions 2011 - "Transformation" for making the event a huge success.

"The simple definition of success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.  ConneXions 2011 was our venue for showcasing our new products and solutions, giving colleagues a glimpse of our future direction, and encouraging thoughtful, open discussion(s) and exchanges of ideas amongst the various intermodal businesses.  Undoubtedly, then, ConneXions was a great success" stated Fabio Teti, NASCENT President.  "We're extremely happy that our products and solutions were so emphatically received and we're excited by our attendees' level of engagement and participation throughout the event.  The attendees were sincere, honest, and an unmistakeable part of the event's overall success.  I'm extremely proud of our NASCENT team, pleased with the dedication shown by the vendors and VARs who participated, and grateful to the attendees for sharing their valuable time and ideas with us.  NASCENT has set a bar and we're looking forward to meeting that challenge at next year's event" added Mr. Teti.

The various feedback received so far seems to support that sentiment. Attendees representing both shipping and rail interests have already expressed their appreciation for the value of the event as well as their intention on attending next year's event.

NASCENT, once again, extends a warm-felt thank you to everyone who attended and contributed to making the event a success; Thank you!

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